Eureka Timberline Fly Rod Replacement Poles -2 Pk

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For best performance, replace worn or missing poles on your Eureka! Timberline tent with genuine replacement parts. The replacement fly rod fits all Timberline models except the SQ models.

  1. Made of seamless aluminum tubing
  2. Reinforced insert at each end
  3. Two rods per package
  4. Tent requires two rods in total
  5. 21 ½” each in length
  6. Compatible tents: Timberline® 2, Timberline® 2XT, Timberline® 4 and Timberline® Outfitter 4
  7. NOTE: Does not fit SQ models that use a DAC Frame: Timberline SQ 2XT, Timberline SQ 4XT, Timberline SQ Outfitter 4, Timberline SQ Outfitter 6.


22 in

Pole Material


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