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Think of ICEtrekkers Chains as tire chains for your feet, perfect for all ice and snow conditions. Chains can be used on a variety of footwear and are comfortable for extended wear. The new square links are individually TIG welded and made from case-hardened steel, enhancing traction on ice while still providing dependable traction on snow. The durable rubber sling is flexible in sub-zero temperatures and stays securely on footwear even in deep snow. ICEtrekkers Chains are a great value, offering durable traction at an affordable price.

For shoes, IceTrekkers recommends that you order the size that matches your standard shoe size. For hiking or work boots they recommend that you order one size up from your standard size. For oversized boots (insulated, winter boots), they recommend that you order the trekkers about two sizes up from your standard size.

Size Chart


Small: 5-6

Medium: 6.5-9

Large: 9.5-12

XLarge: 13-UP


Small: 5-7

Medium: 7.5-10

Large: 10.5-UP

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